Stylish ashtrays from Bunzla ceramics. Many small things belong to the complete set-up of your home. Not only the kitchenware, but also living accessories play an important role. With the fashionable ashtrays from Bolesław Ceramics, you will have a further opportunity to give your apartment not only practical but also handsome accents. The many patterns and colors offer a great creative freedom, so you can always choose according to your personal preference.

Moody decoration with Bunzlau ceramics

Already the size of the ashtrays is noticeable, because with 17.5 x 17.5 centimeters and a height of 3.5 centimeters the ashtrays also make themselves as a decorative element perfect. Place a hand-painted ashtray on a small side table and combine it with a beautiful bouquet of wild meadow flowers. The shining surface of the ceramic creates a very valuable impression, which will also impress your guests positively. Of course you can also use the ashtrays made of Bunzla ceramics according to their purpose. They are very easy to clean and can be cleaned under running water. Stronger dirt is easily removed in the dishwasher.

Ashtray with beautiful paint

The design and coloring of the ashtrays always ensure a harmonious overall picture. In order to find the right piece for your home, we offer you a particularly wide selection of different designs. From classic and floral to colorful and modern, the ashtrays adapt themselves to your personal style. Therefore, you will find not only classic white and blue, but also other colors, which give the ashtrays a friendly look.