Bottle cooler

Ceramic bottle cooler for the lunch table. A ceramic bottle cooler is an ornament for every table. It does not matter if the rest of the decoration is designed in Bunzlau ceramic dishes or not: The hand-made bottle coolers are an enrichment for all tables. Each of the traditional patterns is unique. You can see the Bunzlau ceramics and this is what makes their special flair. No matter what decoration you choose with your ceramic bottle cooler, the deep blue in contrast to the bright beige decorates in any case.

Bottle cooler made of ceramic - nice and practical

Bottle coolers made of ceramic are not only decorative, with their use you also signal an elevated table culture. The bottle cooler keeps the temperature of drinks removed from the refrigerator comfortably low. In order to absorb any condensation water, all bottle coolers are equipped with a small base.

And if you really do not have to cool drinks and do not have a table to cover, you can of course cool the radiator and the coaster: The ceramic bottle cooler is also a wonderful flower vase.