Mug 500 ml

The large one among the ball cups in our Bunzlau ceramics tableware range - it has at least a capacity of 400 ml - sometimes even more. Look for the product description.

In this category, you will find ball cups from both the Manufaktura Boleslawiec pottery and Ceramika Artystysczna pottery from Bolesławia. Both pottery decorate the pottery traditionally in loving, elaborate handwork.

Here you will find traditional and modern decors example Bunzlau turquoise, orange Bunzlau, Sphera, etc. and on top normally available.
The selection of Polish Pottery products is huge, here is a little taste ... large and small cups as John or espresso cups, complete service, ashtrays, cabinet knobs, milk jug, sugar bowl, bread pan, butter dish, jewelery or unique decorative figures.