Cup-375-500 ml

Let the day begin with a large cup of coffee or tea. Our shapely maxi-cups made of ceramics are excellently suited for this purpose. The capacity of the large cups is at least 375 ml. We also carry models with a volume of 500 ml. Not only coffee and tea taste from the maxi-cups, thanks to their size, you can also eat good soup or dessert. In addition, they present beautiful vessels for olives, nuts, biscuits and other nibbles.

Apart from their versatile applications, the Polish Pottery cups also impress with their attractive appearance. In loving handwork, the cups are decorated with typical Bunzlau traditions. Nevertheless, they are very robust and heat resistant. Ceramic maxi-cups in the onlineshop

In our onlineshop you will find a wide selection maxi-cups in varied designs from Bunzlau. You can get more dishes, for example, tea plates with a diameter of 16.5 cm. Look around!