Baked apple dish 650 ml

The baked apple dish from Bunzlau ceramics. The baked apple is a classic, baked as a dessert in the oven or in the microwave. The baked apple is traditionally prepared in winter in the cold season from storable, firm and acidic apple varieties. The whole, unpeeled apples are baked in the middle of a baking dish, until the dish breaks open, and then served. The core housing should be cut out beforehand. The hole may be blended with a mixture of raisins, marmalade and spices e.g. Cinnamon and cloves. For this purpose, our specially created baking tray shapes are available.

Baked potatoes for the cold season

Also held in an apple shape and richly decorated, the baked apple shapes convince by the usual Bunzlau ceramic quality. A fun for the whole family, if everyone can customize and decorate their brioche. Thus, the preparation of the dessert becomes a happening. Try it out! The ideal companion for the cold season to create the perfect dessert.