sugar candy bowl

A fantastic, large Bunzlau ceramic sugar bowl. How many articles of the Bunzlau tableware can be used very universally.

This vessel is a very nice use as a sugar bowl, jam jar or honey pot.

The can holds a volume of 300 ml (for about 300 g sugar, jam or honey).

All the pieces are still hand-crafted according to old traditions in Bolesław in Silesia. Typical for the ceramic pieces is the classic decor, which can show small irregularities due to manual work. These small "flaws" make Bunzlau ceramics unique and give it their unmistakable character. In addition, Bunzlau ceramic is heat-resistant and robust, making it extremely suitable for everyday use. It goes without saying that our entire product is also suitable for dishwashers, ovens and microwaves.

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