Dishes for lovers

It was Valentine's Day that touched me the most over the years, especially the deepest.
This moment is one of the 5 most important, beautiful and intense moments in my life.
I entered the house with nothing in my hands and a shoulder bag.
In the course of the conversation, I opened the bag and cut the rose out of a tomato with the knife.
Put the skin of the tomato on the chair next to you.
The energy in the room was magical, warm & so familiar.
"I've seen something these days and thought of you."
"What then ?"
Under the table, not visible, I rolled the skin of the tomato into a rose & took the plate out of my pocket, put the two packages on top of each other, the rose on top and with a trembling hand took the plate from under the table and lovingly placed it on the person opposite Table.
It felt like the biggest, bravest & most beautiful & most appreciative & loving and honest thing I ever did on February 14th xxxx.
Minutes later I left the house, one last look at her.
I was so touched by what I saw and perceived that when I tried to leave the house I bumped into the door...