Bunzlau ceramic dogs embellish housing
Not just dog owners will be delighted by the pretty four-legged friends from our ceramic tableware collection. Even people without their own animal husbandry have their pleasure in the elaborately designed ceramic decorations. The dogs from Bunzlau ceramics with their exceptional "fur" and are decorative eye-catchers. Whether standing in an elegant German shepherd look or sitting as a cute Schlappohr model - we have the right decoration dog for every taste. The dogs are adapted to the traditional ceramic dishes from Bunzlau. Each individual model was elaborately painted by hand or decorated with the exclusive stamp print. In this way, our Bunzlau ceramic dogs become unique, small works of art.

From the elaborate ceramic dog to the massive bowling head
The extensive assortment in our Onlineshop includes many different articles from the famous Bunzlau ceramics. From convenient kitchen appliances and storage containers to small decoration elements. All products are characterized by their quality, their longevity and their beauty. That is why Bunzlau Ceramic is not only the best choice for personal use, but also as an exquisite gift for a special person.