Completely in line with the owls from Bunzlau ceramics
Owls have become a true trend not only in the textile industry. Also as a decoration the grumpy forest animals are more popular than ever. While owls in the past have mostly been associated with a negative symbolism, today they mainly count their good sides, such as intelligence, wisdom, prudence. In the case of the ancient Greeks, owls were even regarded as a sort of protector who defends evil. In the form of Bunzlau ceramics, the owl gets an all-round positive image and charms with a cute look and a cheerful, colorful design.

Exquisite gift or eye-catcher for your own decoration
Ceramic tableware is a hit in every respect. Strong, functional, easy to care for and very decorative, it provides valuable services every day. Ceramic tableware from our Bunzlau ceramic collection is appreciated not only by connoisseurs. It impresses at first glance and convinces at the first touch. Decoration accessories from Bunzlau ceramics, such as our owls, Easter eggs or Christmas trees, perfectly round off our exquisite assortment. They are ideal as a gift for particularly good friends or as a small reward for themselves.