Toothbrush cup 10 cm high

Stylish in the bathroom - Toothbrush cup from Polish Pottery
These high-quality toothbrush cups are ideal for your bathroom with a height of ten centimeters. The classic design of the cups supports the stylish decor and decoration in the modern country house style. Our models made of Bunzlau ceramics are suitable for several toothbrushes and meet all hygienic and optical requirements.

Buy Bunzlau ceramic toothbrush cup online
Our toothbrush cups from Bunzlau ceramics are made in a traditional way and impress with their natural luster. Thanks to the four openings, you can place several toothbrushes without touching each other. The smooth surface of the toothbrush cups makes cleaning both externally and internally very easy so that you can easily remove contamination with ordinary detergents. Last but not least, the loving design of the toothbrush cups with a height of 10 centimeters also speaks for itself.