Miniature dolls' tableware

Bunzlau pottery dolls
Do you still have a beautiful old doll house or a shop? Do you have a set box that wants to be stocked, or does your grandchild like to play with dolls' harness? Then our Bunzlau Ceramic Miniature Dolls is the right choice for you, because for all these wonderful occasions, we have beautiful ceramic crockery - handmade, hand painted and in many different patterns, colors and designs. From the teapot to the water jug, from the biscuit box to the milk jug - our beautiful dolls' harness leaves nothing to be desired.

Dollware from Bunzlau Ceramic in the onlineshop
Not only small people are delightful in these cute little miniatures - even the big ones have their pleasure in it. Like all our products, the miniature dolls' harness is made of original Bunzlauer ceramics and impresses with its loving workmanship, the high quality and the delightful painting. Whether you are playing with it or decorating it in the foreground - with the dollware from Bunzlau Ceramic you always lie golden!