Tradition 26

The Bunzlau ornament "Tradition 26" is produced by more than 50 Bunzlau ceramic pottery plants in the city of Bunzlau. The Bunzlau Töpferei 1 decorates the traditional pattern 26 very attractively. Nowadays also cheap copies of the traditions tradition 26 are found in some vendors, manufactured outside (the city of Bolesław in Poland), copied e.g. in China, Germany, etc. Light is indeed fast!? Unfortunately not, despite the simple-looking decoration of the dishes, the time expenditure is often higher than with other Bunzlau dishes traditions. On irregular ground irregularities are quickly visible, the statement goes to: "If you are in a hurry, go slowly". The Bunzlau crockery decor "Tradition 26" this tableware is one of the older decorations. Particularly popular dishes are butter cans, bread pots, tea sets, coffee service, plates, teapots, bowls and cups.