Tradition 22

The ceramic decor "Tradition 22" is made by several Bunzla ceramic pottery factories in the city of Bunzlau. The Bunzlau pottery 1 is the most beautiful example of the traditional pattern 22 of the Bunzlau ceramics. Nowadays also cheap copies of tradition tradition 22 are found in some vendors, manufactured outside (the city of Bolesław in Poland), copied e.g. In China, Germany etc. Bright goes fast !? Unfortunately not, despite the simple-looking decoration of the dishes, the time expenditure is often higher than with other Bunzlau dishes traditions. On irregular ground irregularities are quickly visible, the statement goes to: "If you are in a hurry, go slowly". The Bunzlau ceramic decor "Tradition 22" of this series is one of the newer decorations. With the purchase of some ceramics of the "Tradition 22" series of ceramics of the Bunzlau ceramics, you decorate your environment brightly, friendly, uncomplicated & reserved. Frequently ordered