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Lovingly designed birds from Bunzlau ceramics
These are the little things that make up the heart and soul of an inviting apartment. So also the handmade manufactured birds from Bunzlau Ceramics, which you can order with us in different sizes. From small birds with 9,5 x 6,5 centimeters to larger models with 12,5 x 5,5 centimeters you get the possibility to enrich your apartment individually. The birds from Bunzlau Ceramics are painted exclusively in loving handwork. There is therefore no double animal. You will always receive a genuine unicorn directly from expert hands in Silesia. The coloring game, which can be found in the birds' patterns, optimally adapts to every living space. For example, with classic blue and white, you can create a harmonious complement to the country style and find other colors, such as yellow or greens, which provide variety and liveliness.

A decision for quality by

The birds from Bunzlau ceramics meet the highest standards of quality. This way, you can build on every detail the beautiful shine of the ceramics and do not have to worry about longevity and transience. The birds need little care. It is sufficient to wipe them occasionally with a damp cloth. For example, the small animals on shelves, window sills and in showcases make for a loving accent, which will also inspire your guests. The birds are so robust that they can even be put into the dishwasher for a more intensive cleaning. So you get real value work, which will give you many years of pleasure.


Butterflies from Bunzlau Ceramics
The butterflies from original Bunzlau ceramics are valuable individual pieces, which are ideal as decoration or as a gift. The quality of the Bunzlauer wholesale trade is convincing with detailed manual work and tradition-rich production. The creative patterns are also handmade. Each product is therefore unique. Convince yourself of the quality of the original Bunzlau ceramics and remain a friend of the precious ceramics in the long run.

Buy Original Bunzlau Ceramic Butterflies online
The butterflies from original Bunzlauer ceramics can be bought online at wholesale prices. For an unbeatable price, you will receive your hand-painted item directly to your home. The timeless design makes the Bunzlauer ceramic butterflies ideal decorations or gifts.


Bunzlau ceramic cats
Our adorable cats from Bunzlau ceramics not only convince cat lovers with their attractive appearance. In these cute kittens have already fallen in love with people from all over the world - whether big, small, old, young. No wonder, because these small figurines from original Bunzlau ceramics are simply too enchanting and are suitable for collectors with their different characteristics, colors and patterns. These cats are anything but loners - they feel most comfortable in the group. Whether traditionally patterned or floral, gracefully elegant or a bit mocky, green or blue, big or small - each of these kittens would like to move in with you.

Cats from Bunzlau Ceramic in the onlineshop
The high-quality ceramic cats, however, not only convince by their attractive appearance and their colorful variety, but also by a high material quality, because like all our products, they were produced in loving handwork from original Bunzlauer ceramics. If you decide for these cats, you will certainly have a long time to enjoy the cute animals.


Bunzlau ceramic dogs embellish housing
Not just dog owners will be delighted by the pretty four-legged friends from our ceramic tableware collection. Even people without their own animal husbandry have their pleasure in the elaborately designed ceramic decorations. The dogs from Bunzlau ceramics with their exceptional "fur" and are decorative eye-catchers. Whether standing in an elegant German shepherd look or sitting as a cute Schlappohr model - we have the right decoration dog for every taste. The dogs are adapted to the traditional ceramic dishes from Bunzlau. Each individual model was elaborately painted by hand or decorated with the exclusive stamp print. In this way, our Bunzlau ceramic dogs become unique, small works of art.

From the elaborate ceramic dog to the massive bowling head
The extensive assortment in our Onlineshop includes many different articles from the famous Bunzlau ceramics. From convenient kitchen appliances and storage containers to small decoration elements. All products are characterized by their quality, their longevity and their beauty. That is why Bunzlau Ceramic is not only the best choice for personal use, but also as an exquisite gift for a special person.


Beautiful Easter with Bunzlau ceramics
An unforgettable Easter celebration includes not only colorful Easter eggs, delicious food and bright children's eyes, but also the right decoration. Here you will find lovingly handmade and finely decorated ceramic articles for beautiful and all-round Easter days. And these nice accessories are not only nice to look at, but partly also really useful helpers for the household: from the preppy tin in egg form over cute egg warmer hens to the nicely painted decoration Easter egg stay with Bunzlauer ceramics really no wishes open.

Bunzlau ceramics wishes you a happy Easter
Like all ceramic tableware from our house, our festive Easter models are made of high-quality, hand-made ceramics, which have traditionally been decorated in loving handwork for centuries. Whether it's chicken or egg, our Easter items are a real treat for every Easter dinner and bring a lot of life and a good mood to the table with its multi-faceted patterns, colors and designs. We wish you a happy Easter!


Elephants from Bunzlau ceramics as a lucky symbol
Elephants from original Bunzla ceramics are a creative way to decorate their garden. Different shapes and patterns offer the right taste for every taste. Convince yourself of the large selection of handmade ceramics and order today in the online shop of the Bunzlauer wholesale trade. Selected models offer space for a cactus through a base on the back!

Buy Elephants from Original Bunzlau Ceramics online
With the purchase of Original Bunzlau Ceramics you can not go wrong. The timeless design fits every style and is a real sight! Our elephants are also perfect as a gift for any occasion. Polish pottery is characterized by its uniqueness and makes each copy for single piece. Decorations from original Bunzlauer ceramics value every garden tastefully.


High quality goats from genuine Bunzlau ceramics

The friendly face of the small goats from high-quality Silesian ceramics convinces viewers at first sight. The animals, carefully crafted in craftsmanship, can be placed anywhere in your home, where there has been a lack of life and versatility. Whether as a welcome greeting for guests in the corridor or as a decorative element in kitchen cabinets and on living room shelves - the goats from Bunzlau Ceramics are always a bright spot. Particularly in apartments with a rural, rustic style, the small goats paint the entire feeling of living and give your four walls the small details, which are so important for the big whole. The varied paintings are applied with love and exclusively by hand, so that each animal is a single piece. None of the goats is the same as the others, which is why you can make a variety of decorations with several copies.

Best processing and easy care

With Bunzlau Ceramics you can always rely on high quality. The elegant shine that the ceramic surfaces can last for many years can not be destroyed in the dishwasher either. The small goats with a size of 14.5 x 6 x 13 centimeters are particularly easy to care for and are ideal as uncomplicated decorative accessories. They create a friendly atmosphere and inspire everyone who loves the rural décor. Place the goats with love and creativity and enjoy the positive feeling that the little animals from your online shop for Bunzlau ceramics will awaken to you every day.


Bunzlau ceramic ponies
Ponies from original Bunzlau ceramics offer a creative possibility to beautify their garden. Due to the elaborate, hand-painted figures and the centuries-old quality of the Silesian manufacturer, these ceramic ponies offer a view of the special kind. These figures offer a highlight not only as a gift for horse fans. No matter where you place this decoration, Bunzlau Ceramic catches the eye and captivates with its unique quality and longevity.

Buy Ponies from Original Bunzlau Ceramics online
You can also enjoy your garden or rooms with a special decoration. All ponies are single pieces and still stand out for an incredibly low price. Order your exclusive pony from tradition-rich production with the pattern of your choice now in the Onlineshop of the

Miniature dolls' tableware

Bunzlau pottery dolls
Do you still have a beautiful old doll house or a shop? Do you have a set box that wants to be stocked, or does your grandchild like to play with dolls' harness? Then our Bunzlau Ceramic Miniature Dolls is the right choice for you, because for all these wonderful occasions, we have beautiful ceramic crockery - handmade, hand painted and in many different patterns, colors and designs. From the teapot to the water jug, from the biscuit box to the milk jug - our beautiful dolls' harness leaves nothing to be desired.

Dollware from Bunzlau Ceramic in the onlineshop
Not only small people are delightful in these cute little miniatures - even the big ones have their pleasure in it. Like all our products, the miniature dolls' harness is made of original Bunzlauer ceramics and impresses with its loving workmanship, the high quality and the delightful painting. Whether you are playing with it or decorating it in the foreground - with the dollware from Bunzlau Ceramic you always lie golden!


Completely in line with the owls from Bunzlau ceramics
Owls have become a true trend not only in the textile industry. Also as a decoration the grumpy forest animals are more popular than ever. While owls in the past have mostly been associated with a negative symbolism, today they mainly count their good sides, such as intelligence, wisdom, prudence. In the case of the ancient Greeks, owls were even regarded as a sort of protector who defends evil. In the form of Bunzlau ceramics, the owl gets an all-round positive image and charms with a cute look and a cheerful, colorful design.

Exquisite gift or eye-catcher for your own decoration
Ceramic tableware is a hit in every respect. Strong, functional, easy to care for and very decorative, it provides valuable services every day. Ceramic tableware from our Bunzlau ceramic collection is appreciated not only by connoisseurs. It impresses at first glance and convinces at the first touch. Decoration accessories from Bunzlau ceramics, such as our owls, Easter eggs or Christmas trees, perfectly round off our exquisite assortment. They are ideal as a gift for particularly good friends or as a small reward for themselves.

Teddy bear

Handmade Teddy Bears from Bunzlau Ceramics
In one's own home it is mainly a moody and inviting living atmosphere. Not only the furniture plays an important role, but also the decoration. Only with the matching decoration accessories life and individuality come into the living area. This also applies to the beautiful teddy bears from original Bunzlau ceramics. The bears, with a height of 11.5 centimeters, are the perfect measure for placing on tables, sideboards and on shelves, thanks to their creative and loving design for viewing. In every room from the living room to the bedroom the teddy bears complement your comfortable furnishing style. You can carry the cottage style with the bears as well as in modern rooms for a warm and hearty note.

High quality for long pleasure

All teddy bears from Bunzlau ceramics convince by their quality. In painstaking handwork the sweet animals are painted so that every bear is an absolute piece. So you never get two identical bears, but you can always look forward to genuine specimens. The teddy bears are extremely robust and easy to clean. They even keep the heat of the oven and the dishwashing in the dishwasher. For the regular care the bears do not need more than occasionally a damp cloth. Thus they get their natural splendor for many years and enchant their viewers once and for all. Trust in genuine handwork from Silesia and give your home a playful and natural touch with Bunzlauer Ceramic from

Toothbrush cup 10 cm high

Stylish in the bathroom - Toothbrush cup from Polish Pottery
These high-quality toothbrush cups are ideal for your bathroom with a height of ten centimeters. The classic design of the cups supports the stylish decor and decoration in the modern country house style. Our models made of Bunzlau ceramics are suitable for several toothbrushes and meet all hygienic and optical requirements.

Buy Bunzlau ceramic toothbrush cup online
Our toothbrush cups from Bunzlau ceramics are made in a traditional way and impress with their natural luster. Thanks to the four openings, you can place several toothbrushes without touching each other. The smooth surface of the toothbrush cups makes cleaning both externally and internally very easy so that you can easily remove contamination with ordinary detergents. Last but not least, the loving design of the toothbrush cups with a height of 10 centimeters also speaks for itself.


Floor vases from Bunzlau ceramics enhance every room
Already without flowering contents the vases from our Bunzlau ceramic range are a feast for the eyes! Whether you are looking for tasteful table vases or opulent floor vases - we have many different models with the traditional sponge décor ready for you. Our vases are all unique, which were made and painted in loving craftsmanship. They are made of particularly high-quality clay, which has been extracted from the Lower Silesian Bunzlau since the 17th century. Bunzlauer ceramics are fired at almost 1300 degrees Celsius. These enormous temperatures make the material exceptionally robust and heat-resistant. The century-old pottery from Bunzlau is world-famous. Bunzlau Polish Pottery is internationally recognized and is considered a stable and valuable investment.

Find fashionable vases and floor vases in our online shop
In our online shop you will find vases in classic and modern forms. Playful amphorae, nostalgic jugs with handles, bulging, angular, waisted models or even in the form of an old hot water bottle, which pre-heated the beds in grandmother's time. Even though our vases differ externally, they all have their incomparable and indestructible core from Bunzlau ceramics. Thanks to the excellent properties of the Bunzlau ceramics, our floor vases are suitable wherever a lot of transit traffic is concerned. So look for the matching floor vases for the hallway or living room in our shop. With floor vases made of this robust material, you no longer need to worry that the children will be able to hurt something.