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Espresso cups

The Bunzlau ceramic espresso cup is available in an incredible variety of Bunzlau decorations - enjoy espresso from high-quality ceramics.

The entire Polish Pottery pottery has been decorated by the Ceramika Artystyczna pottery in the city of Bunzlau for centuries.

Here you will find an incredible variety of different designs and Bunzlau ceramic tableware items - from the bread pot to plates, casseroles, vases, bowls, cabinet buttons, complete service, crockery sets, jewelery and onions pot.

Beer mug, 0,5 l

Stylish, high-quality Bunzlau beer mug of the pottery Ceraart from Bunzlau, Silesia. The beer mug is about 15 cm high and has about 500 ml capacity.

Buy Polish Pottery online at - top quality at fair prices. Just enjoy the beautiful, handcrafted articles from Bolesławiec.

Bunzlau ceramics in a huge selection and usually directly available - coasters, baking pans, butter dishes, standard and water-cooled, vases, cabinet knobs, pasta plates, espresso cups and an incredible number of other Polish Pottery items.

Cup, 300 ml

Bunzlau ceramic handle cup with a maximum of 300 ml volume. In many Polish Pottery decors this beautiful piece is available from us.

Moreover, the cups can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher and are even suitable for use in ovens or microwaves.

High quality combined with real uniqueness is only with Silesian pottery from your online store for Polish Pottery.

Cup-375-500 ml

Let the day begin with a large cup of coffee or tea. Our shapely maxi-cups made of ceramics are excellently suited for this purpose. The capacity of the large cups is at least 375 ml. We also carry models with a volume of 500 ml. Not only coffee and tea taste from the maxi-cups, thanks to their size, you can also eat good soup or dessert. In addition, they present beautiful vessels for olives, nuts, biscuits and other nibbles.

Apart from their versatile applications, the Polish Pottery cups also impress with their attractive appearance. In loving handwork, the cups are decorated with typical Bunzlau traditions. Nevertheless, they are very robust and heat resistant. Ceramic maxi-cups in the onlineshop

In our onlineshop you will find a wide selection maxi-cups in varied designs from Bunzlau. You can get more dishes, for example, tea plates with a diameter of 16.5 cm. Look around!

Mug for children

Even our little ones are often already inspired by these beautiful Bunzlau ornaments.

Here is the matching Bunzlau ceramic kids mug available in many Bunzlau tableware designs - whether hearts, dots, flowers or in the winter style - with us at you will find quickly. This cute Bunzlau cup / mug is also used by some customers as Espresso mug - with a drinking volume of approx. 150 ml, it has a perfect size.

It is, of course, also oven, dishwasher and microwave safe. Our ceramic ceramics from Ceramika Artystyczna pottery in the city of Bolesławia have been decorated for centuries by hand.

Please browse through the many available Polish Pottery table decorations - we at are looking forward to welcome you.

Mug 220 ml

The small dishes Bunzlau ball cup has a capacity of approximately 220 ml - the selection of available Bunzlau decors is huge. See for yourself - either in the typical Bunzlau blue / white or more colorful - as the artist set nevertheless traditional. And if you prefer a modern one, you will be delighted by the Bunzlau Modern Art, Bunzlau red, Bunzlau turquoise, Bunzlau yellow etc.

The small cups are made by the Manufaktura Boleslawiec pottery factory in Boleslawiec, Silesia. All ceramic pieces are traditionally decorated in elaborate handwork.

Are you interested in more Polish Pottery products? Then you will be happy to see the other categories, here are a few examples - large and medium sized mugs, artist cups, crockery sets, complete service, cupboard knobs, sugar cans, cutting boards, bread bowls, terrines, jewelery or even beautiful bowls in many different forms and sizes. The bowls can also be used perfectly as a baking dish because Bunzlau ceramic dishes are oven-proof.

For the dishwasher and the microwave the dishes from Bunzlau are of course also suitable.

Mug 300 ml

The pottery Ceramika Artystysczna from Bunzlau decorates these coffee cups with 300 ml drinking volume in elaborate handwork - many different traditions, unique pieces and signatures can be found in our online shop. All original Polish Pottery dishes - and usually also directly available.

Look at this gigantic selection of Polish Pottery products - cups and mugs in various sizes and shapes, milk jugs, sugar bowls, espresso cups, complete service, pie plates, bread pot, set of dishes, wind lights, cabinet buttons etc.

Highest quality handmade for you lovingly designed.

For the dishwasher, the oven and the microwave the dishes from Bunzlau are of course also suitable.

Mug 450 ml

The huge ceramic tableware mug with approx. 450 ml drinking volume will delight every tea and coffee lover. The shapely pot is decorated by the Bolesławiec Pottery Ceramika Artystysczna traditional way in high quality craftsmanship. With the help of brush, stamp and sponge, every detail of the pattern is placed on the ceramic.

You will find modern and traditional ceramic designs from Bunzlau, there's something for everyone - see for yourself. Similarly, the selection of other Polish Pottery products is huge, here are a few suggestions - espresso cups, ball cup, complete service, cups, butter cans, bread crumbs, soup plates, plates, or a beautiful small piece of jewelry.

Mug 500 ml

The large one among the ball cups in our Bunzlau ceramics tableware range - it has at least a capacity of 400 ml - sometimes even more. Look for the product description.

In this category, you will find ball cups from both the Manufaktura Boleslawiec pottery and Ceramika Artystysczna pottery from Bolesławia. Both pottery decorate the pottery traditionally in loving, elaborate handwork.

Here you will find traditional and modern decors example Bunzlau turquoise, orange Bunzlau, Sphera, etc. and on top normally available.
The selection of Polish Pottery products is huge, here is a little taste ... large and small cups as John or espresso cups, complete service, ashtrays, cabinet knobs, milk jug, sugar bowl, bread pan, butter dish, jewelery or unique decorative figures.

Max mug, 600 ml, ↑ 12 cm

Pottmax with 600ml volume for demanding minds

The brilliant look of the Bunzlauer ceramics also comes into its own with these large handle cups. The Pottmax from the pottery Ceramika Artystysczna convinces with a height of twelve centimeters with a large capacity of up to 600 milliliters. So you can also enjoy a large milk coffee always stile in your country kitchen and offer your guests tea and hot drinks in large format. Each cup is an absolute detail and can only be found once in this way. This fact invites us to combine several different cups together to form a colorful and varied tableware. Choose from many colors and patterns. From romantic-floral touches to modern and graphic patterns, everything is possible at the pottmax.

A mug for every situation from

The Pottmax, however, can do much more. This large handle cup is also ideal as a design element in your home. Whether as a storage option for kitchen utensils or as a pleasant container for make-up utensils in the bathroom - this mug makes a good figure in every room and for every purpose. Thanks to its high-quality workmanship from genuine Bolesław pottery, the Pottmax remains beautiful for many years and does not lose its own luster. It keeps both dishwasher, microwave and oven out of the way, so you do not have to worry about extra care. So the Pottmax from your online shop for Bunzlau pottery is a unique one-of-a-kind product that provides rustic and loving details.

Pedestal Cup Mug

The Bunzlau ceramic cups on foot are not only beautiful but also stable. With us you can buy quality cups from Bunzlau ceramics at affordable prices.

The Bunzlau mug on foot or also called cappuccino cup has a volume of about 250 ml volume is decorated by the pottery Manufaktura Boleslawiec in loving handwork. Look at the selection here in this category, but also in the many further categories, such as espresso cup, plates, bowls, cupboard buttons, complete service, bread pot, crockery set, jewelery and many more ...

And of course the Polish Pottery is also suitable for the dishwasher, the oven and the microwave.

Sphere cup 350 ml

Belly ball cups (approx. 350 ml) from Bunzlau can be kept in every hand. Checkered, plaid or patterned - ceramic ball cups in many different designs can be found here in our online shop. The medium sized cups are decorated in a traditional way by the pottery Manufaktura Boleslawiec and the pottery Ceramika Artystysczna from Bunzlau. Purely optically the cups of the two potteries differ naturally in the different decorations, but also at the first glance a small difference can be seen. At the pottery Ceramika Artystysczna the upper edge of the cup is usually a little wider.

You can also look at our other Bunzlau ceramicware products - small + large cups / mugs, baking pans, tableware sets, cupboard knobs, jugs, teapots, onions, breadpots, cans, jewelery or complete services.