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Agnes Wrobel and the family Kindervater leading with the Einzigartig GbR an exclusive ceramic wholesale at Rheine (Münsterland). The pottery has a long tradition in the family. The great-grandfather Gustav Laske was himself master potter and introduced over 100 years ago in ceramic craftsmanship. Today the Bunzlauergrosshandel (wholesale) obtain the ceramic mugs, tea sets and polish pottery sets directly from the ceramic factories in Silesia Bunzlau. Every each piece is designed, made traditionally by hand and painted.

In our range of ceramic tableware you will find exceptional individual pieces and tea sets and decorative items such as furniture knobs and figures. Whether you are looking for a colorful breakfast set, or a tea set in the classic polish pottery pattern, a bread pot, butter dishes or decorative mug for your daily needs - in Bunzlauergrosshandel (wholesale) you will find it. See for yourself!

Buy original Polish Pottery dishes

Polish Pottery is made for over 100 years in the Silesian town of Boleslawiec in Lausitz. Even today, create and produce the traditional handicraft pottery tea sets and cups made of pottery with the famous peacock and other classic designs. All cups, plates and butter dishes are made from clay from the original Bunzlauer Tonbecken-Naumburg, which has high heat resistance and is insensitive to large changes in temperature.

Tea sets, butter dishes and ashtrays, as well as decorative items and furniture knobs, made from genuine Polish Pottery is today not only in Poland and in neighboring Germany are very popular, also all over Europe and even overseas. Whether cup and butter dishes or a complete tea set or breakfast set and all the other kinds of dishes - the so-called "Polish Pottery" has brought to a worldwide popularity. That's not surprising, because at high firing temperatures above 1200° C produced very robust and hygienic dishes for daily needs. These positive characteristics make it a perfect alternative to traditional porcelain tableware. Polish Pottery is oven- and microwave-safe and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Buy dishes at the Polish Pottery ceramic shipping

Our ceramic shipping offer authentic Polish Pottery at a fair price. We sell our Polish Pottery not only to commercial dealers, but just as to private persons - also on account. The delivery is fast and professionally through our partner DHL. If you want to exchange an item, simply use your right of withdrawal.

Take a look around and browse through our wide range of dishes. Whether as a set or as individual pieces - every plate, cup or pot bread, each tea set, breakfast set, or set of dishes was lovingly made by hand. Here you can choose beautiful Polish Pottery with traditional patterns in peace and buy the dishes online. We deliver your dishes packed safely to your home.

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