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Carmen Manufaktura

The Bunzlau ceramic decor Carmen belongs to the group of the signature decors. The decoration is done by hand with a lot of pins and small sponges.
The Bunzlau ornament is mainly blue / yellow.

Whether it is a decocamamique or a complete service for tea and coffee, Browse through our online shop - the Polish Pottery range will inspire you.

Signature 1 Manufaktura

The ceramic design "Signature 1" is decorated by the Bunzlau pottery 7 (also known as pottery manufaktura) in elaborate, loving handwork. The colorful, fresh and lifelike ornament fits very well into the traditional Bunzlau pattern. The decor "Signature 1" is one of the newer, more modern patterns. With the purchase of several ceramic pieces of the "Signature 1" series of ceramics from Bunzlau Polish Pottery makes your living space colourful. Very popular ceramic dishes are bread pots, butter jugs, plates and bowls, cups, complete service or crockery sets.

Signature 2 Manufaktura

The Polish Pottery design "Signature 2" is brought to the pottery by the Bunzlau pottery factory Manufaktura in high-quality handwork. The colorful yet discreet blue-yellow ornament is fresh, lifelike and brings a breath spring / summer into the living room. "Signature 2" is a modern, new pattern.
Take a look at our selection of generally available ceramic tableware: plates, cups, casseroles, breadpots, bowls, butter pots, complete service, crockery sets and many more items from Bunzlau.

Signature 3 Manufaktura

The tableware decor "Signature 3" is from the Bunzlau pottery Zwierz (or pottery Manufaktura called) consuming and decorated with great detail via handwork. Brushes, sponges and stamps are used here. The more graphic, blue / brown ornament is a modern, stylish pattern. A view both in the country kitchen and in the modern high-end design kitchen.

Here is a selection of the most popular dishes of this decor series: bowls, kitchen boards, bread pots, plates, crockery sets, cups, complete service or casseroles.

Signature 4 Manufaktura

A touch of Impressionism can be found in this beautiful decor ...

The Bunzlau ceramics design "Signature 4" is very time-consuming and hand-decorated by the Bunzlau Pottery Zwierz. What a work - everything is done with brush, sponge and stamp in the traditional way on the ceramic. This makes these unique ceramic dishes so valuable. The apparent light yellow basic tone spreads a warming, pleasant and friendly basic mood.

Here is a selection of the most popular Polish Pottery items: Casseroles, bowls, breadpots, teapots, crockery sets, mugs, full service or plates.

Signature 5 Manufaktura

Flowery, modern Bunzlau ceramicware decor "Signature 5" is applied by the pottery Zwierz from Bolesławiec, Silesia much attention to detail by hand on the ceramic. The blue ornament is surrounded by countless different flowers. The whole then re-enclosed as a conclusion with a blue border. A very high quality decor.

Usually in stock in many products e.g. Plates, casseroles, butter jugs, bread pots, cups, salt and pepper pies, cake plate,

Signature 6 Manufaktura

The colorful, flowery Bunzlau ceramic decor "Signature 6" is manufactured by the Bunzlau pottery Zwierz by hand with brush & co. In the center of the ornament, blue flowers lined up, bordered by a summery flowering edge. The high-quality Bunzlau design impresses with a multitude of different flowers, with a mix of graphic arrangement and the free arrangement of a summer flower ring.

Bowls and casseroles in various sizes and shapes, butter cans, plates, breadpots, cups, teapot, complete service or even soup ladle and terrine can be found here in our ceramic crockery range.

Signature 7 Manufaktura

Yellow flowers float on a seemingly blue background - the ceramicware decor "Signature 7" is discreet yet expressive. It is made by the Bunzlau pottery Zwierz elaborately in handwork with brushes, sponges & stamps. Included is the beautiful Bunzlau ornament with a blue border.

Egg cups, milk jugs & sugar bowls, bowls & oven proof dishes in various sizes and shapes, plates, breadpots, cups and much more can be found here in our Polish Pottery assortment.

Signature 8 Manufaktura

Colorful flower bouquets on a light background surround a blue, plump-filled flower mirror - the Bunzlau ceramic decor "Signature 8" is colorful and expressive. The Bunzlauer pottery Zwierz also called Manufaktura Bunzlau, the beautiful ornaments all manufactured in elaborate, high-quality handwork.

Biscuit cans, egg cups, milk jugs & sugar bowls, bowls & oven proof disch, plates, breadpots, cups and a lot more Polish Pottery products are usually in stock in our online shop.