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The fondue plate from Bunzlauer ceramic tableware is wonderful - stylish, strong and available in a variety of Bunzlau designs. The Polish Pottery of the Pottery Ceramika Artystysczna from Bolesław is always oven-proof and has been traditionally decorated by hand for centuries. It is particularly strong and can be used even in the upscale gastronomy. Dishwashers and microwaves, it is self-evident as well ;-).
You can not get enough of these beautiful Bunzlau decorations? Perfect, then you are right, the selection in our online shop is gigantic. And, general, the visible ceramics articles to you are also directly available. Bowls for Dips & Sauces, Side Dishes, Bread Pots, Wind Lights, Crockery Set, Antipasti Bowls, Espresso Cups, Tealights, Complete Service, Candle Holders, Cabinet Buttons, Jewelry and much more ...

Fondue plate, Ø 26 cm, cat, BSN A-0106


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You save: 21,52%
(Base price  38,46  €  / piece)
Fondue plate, Ø 26 cm, Crazy Dots, BSN A-0367


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(Base price  31,27  €  / piece)
Fondue plate, Ø 26 cm, unique 22, BSN m-1060


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You save: 52,18%
(Base price  40,17  €  / piece)