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Box dish for butter, 250 g, unique 1 - polish pottery - BSN 2092
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Box dish for butter, 250 g, unique 1 - polish pottery - BSN 2092

Order number: 2092 - Pottery 1

Dreamlike box dish for butter - original pottery from Bunzlau/Schlesien. Unique!

250 g volume.

Like all Bunzlauer ceramics of course dishwasher-, microwaves- and oven-safe.

First quality (ISO EN 9001, the highest european quality standard).



Teresa Liana

The artist has been connected with the Artistic Handicraft Cooperative "Artistic Ceramics and Pottery" since 1983. A pattern designer since 1992.

I start the process of decoration with drawing and cutting fine stamps. Decorating with stamps combined with applying a wide range of paints allows it to create extremely interesting ornaments and give ordinary vessels decorative qualities. Most willingly I reach for plant motives that can be arranged in colorful decorations again and again. Baking, which is a many-hour process, is impatient waiting for the final result, but also it is time for reviewing the current achievements.

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