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Vaso, alto 20 cm, unico 18, polacco ceramica - BSN 5124

Numero d'ordine: 5124 - Ceramica 1

Vaso - ceramica originale di Bunzlau.

Alto 20 cm. 

Ø superiore dell´apertura 10,6 cm 


Di 1. scelta - ISO EN9001.

Fatto a mano.

Adatto per la lavastoviglie, il forno e la microonda.

Massima qualita. 


Maria Ciszewska


The artist has been connected with the Artistic Handicraft Cooperative "Artistic Ceramics and Pottery" since 1981, whereas since 1994 she has been a pattern designer.

Two elements have become inspiration for me: a circle and a dot. These are the oldest symbols in human's culture. It is the invention of the wheel that caused such a rapid drive to improve human life. On the other hand, a dot is not only a single mark or its thickness; it is the greatness in the wholeness and the wholeness in the greatness. The combination of two elements: the circle and the dot, gives plenty possibilities when creating different patterns. Dots which permeate one another from the smallest to the largest - or dots of the same size make an interesting decorative element. On the other hand, circles of the same size framed with a narrow or wide cobalt strip allow it to underline the clearness and beauty of the form. I have not used up this arrangement yet. Artistic possibilities incessantly inspire me to show new relations and combinations