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Bunzlauer ceramic tableware set of 6

With the practical 6-piece sets of the Bunzlauer ceramics you get six pieces of dishes in the same shape but with different traditions. For example, you can buy six cups at a very reasonable price instead of buying them individually. The Bunzlauer ceramic crockery sets are also excellent for collecting. Start with a set of cups, for example, and then expand it with matching cake plates, muesli bowls or egg cups. Thanks to the varied decors you will not be bored.

Due to its high quality, the ceramic tableware from Bunzlau is suitable for daily use and is so heat-resistant that it does not damage either in the oven or in the microwave.

Bunzlauer Ceramics 6 pcs. crockery sets in the onlineshop

In our onlineshop for Bunzlauer ceramic you will find a wide selection of different 6pcs tableware sets, such as cups, plates, or egg cups. Use the price advantage and order your ceramic tableware in the practical set instead of buying individual pieces.

6 dinner plates, Ø 25,5 cm - BSN 10528


instead of 239,76 €
You save: 42,03%
(Base price  139,00  €  / piece)
6x Pasta plate, Ø 23,5 cm, Tradition - BSN 10530


instead of 266,40 €
You save: 58,43%
(Base price  110,74  €  / piece)
6 mugs, 220 ml, 8 cm, Tradition, BSN X-002


instead of 104,34 €
You save: 50,34%
(Base price  51,81  €  / piece)
6 soup plates, Ø 21,5 cm, Tradition - BSN m-350


instead of 250,00 €
You save: 40,80%
(Base price  148,00  €  / piece)