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Box dish for butter, 250 g, unique 18 - polish pottery - BSN 10299
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Box dish for butter, 250 g, unique 18 - polish pottery - BSN 10299

Order number: 10299 - Pottery 1

Dreamlike box dish for butter - original pottery from Bunzlau/Schlesien. Unique!

250 g volume.

Like all Bunzlauer ceramics of course dishwasher-, microwaves- and oven-safe.

First quality (ISO EN 9001, the highest european quality standard).


Maria Ciszewska

The artist has been connected with the Artistic Handicraft Cooperative "Artistic Ceramics and Pottery" since 1981, whereas since 1994 she has been a pattern designer.

Two elements have become inspiration for me: a circle and a dot. These are the oldest symbols in human's culture. It is the invention of the wheel that caused such a rapid drive to improve human life. On the other hand, a dot is not only a single mark or its thickness; it is the greatness in the wholeness and the wholeness in the greatness. The combination of two elements: the circle and the dot, gives plenty possibilities when creating different patterns. Dots which permeate one another from the smallest to the largest - or dots of the same size make an interesting decorative element. On the other hand, circles of the same size framed with a narrow or wide cobalt strip allow it to underline the clearness and beauty of the form. I have not used up this arrangement yet. Artistic possibilities incessantly inspire me to show new relations and combinations

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