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Baking tin

Baking molds in Bunzlau ceramics
Since all parts of the Bunzlau ceramic tableware are resistant to heat and baking, there are, among other things, baking molds in an article series, which enriches our extensive range. Compared to other cake forms, the Bunzlau ceramic baking molds have an indisputable advantage: they are so beautiful that the pastry can also be served directly in the mold. There are several models available in many different designs. Depending on the form you want to serve your cake, a muffin mold can be used for six small chickens, a Rodon or a heart shape. It is pleasant for the kitchen staff that the molds are all dishwasher safe.

Bunzlau ceramic is versatile
Whatever Bunzlau Polish Pottery is talking about is the fact that many parts in the offer have much more than one purpose. The muffin mold is therefore suitable not only for baking but also, for example, for serving tapas or other nibbles. With the heart or Rodonforms you can decorate as a wonderful ceramic bowl - even empty - a table or it can be prepared in all possible appetizing.

Bread pot

Bread pot made of ceramic

A ceramic pot with classic Bunzlau decor conjures a friendly atmosphere into every room. Give your kitchen this optical and functional highlight!

Versatile: Bread pots made of Bunzlau ceramics

A ceramic pot is available in our online shop in various sizes and shapes as well as with different decorations. In the pots are air holes - either at the top of the lid or at the sides. So you can keep your bread hygienic and it stays fresh for a long time. A practical and space-saving alternative to the conventional ceramic pot is the combination of roast and bread pot. In a combined roast and bread pot you can not only store your daily bread daily, but also prepare a delicious roast on Sunday. The pot is suitable for use in the oven and absolutely ovenproof.

Our bread pots are mainly intended for households of two or three family members. However, you will also find larger bread pots or smaller versions for single households in our range. Look around!

Breakfast platter

Breakfast plates from Bunzlau ceramics
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for many people. For a good start to the day, you should always take enough time to enjoy the quiet and pleasant atmosphere of cereals, rolls and co. to enjoy. Matching accessories, you will find in our online shop bread boards from Bunzlau ceramics in various shapes, colors and patterns.

Ceramic breakfast plates
Especially when it has to go a bit faster in the morning, breakfast boards offer as ideal dishes for cutting or as a base. It is also possible to use breakfast boards as a cheese board or instead of a dessert plate. They are not only practical, but also look very decorative thanks to the typical pattern of the Bunzlauer ceramic tableware. Put colorful accents on your breakfast table with breakfast boards of your ceramic delivery Bunzlauergrosshandel. It goes without saying that all Bunzlau ceramic breakfast boards are oven-proof, dishwasher-safe and even designed for microwaves.


Cupboard knops, furniture knops

Wardrobe buttons and ceramic furniture buttons
Cabinet buttons or furniture buttons according to Bunzlau style look every piece of furniture visually and are a real view in every household. In our unique online-shop you will find beautiful pieces from genuine Bunzlau ceramics, which have been handmade in Lausitz for centuries.

Bunzlau ceramic cabinet and furniture buttons
The furniture buttons are produced by hand and painted in the classic decors and patterns. The basis is clay from the Bunzlauer-Naumburg clay basin - a guarantee for robustness and resistance. That is why, at Bunzlau Ceramic, you can be assured of obtaining a product of the highest quality, which is also convincing in daily use. The mounting is very simple: the furniture buttons can be easily fastened with screws. Each furniture knob is filled with a synthetic resin compound, into which the screw is screwed. This results in a firm and durable connection between the furniture knob and the door or drawer, which can be released again if necessary, without the furniture being damaged. Depending on the thickness of the respective wooden or glass door, the screw used can be adjusted in length. Take a look at our onlineshop and discover, in addition to furniture buttons, many other attractive decorative items as well as dishes made of genuine Bunzlau ceramics.

Cutting board

Kitchen boards and cheese plates from Bunzlau ceramics
Regardless of whether you like to cook for friends and relatives, or just occasionally for yourself. A kitchen table for cutting and serving food belongs to the basic equipment of every kitchen. It is important to ensure that the kitchen table is not only sufficiently large, so that it can be used comfortably and practically. In the best case, the kitchen is also decorative and can be placed as a sideboard or cheese plate directly on the dining table.

Bunzlau Keramik combines design and practicality
A kitchen table or a cheese plate from the online store of Bunzlauergrosshandel meets all requirements in the best way possible. The large kitchen boards are extremely practical and can be cleaned after use in the dishwasher thanks to excellent processing. At the same time you can place on the table as a separate decorative element due to the typical pattern of original Silesian ceramics. The kitchen boards and cheese plates made of Bunzla ceramics are also suitable for serving and presenting cheese, vegetables, bread and more. Discover the incomparable variety and the timeless design of your ceramic shawls Bunzlauergrosshandel.