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The original shape of these Bunzlau serving dishes makes these bowls definitely an eye-catcher. The shapely look is complemented by the numerous hand-crafted Bunzlau ornaments of the pottery Ceramika Artystyczna. See for yourself - it decorates every table.
The bowls have a dimension of 26 x 20 cm and are 12 cm high.

For the dishwasher, the microwave and the oven, the Bunzlau bowls are of course also suitable. Let your imagination run wild - e.g. A crème brûlée for two, you will surely fall further.

Would you like to see more Polish Pottery products? We are looking forward to the selection of Bunzlau items - milk jugs, heart baking jugs, espresso cups, wind lights, plates, coffee service, bread pot, set of dishes, closet buttons.

Serving bowl, 25 x 12 cm, 10 cm high, Trad. 27, BSN 8327


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Serving bowl, 25 x 12 cm, 10 cm high, Trad. 28, BSN 8328


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(Base price  22,03  €  / piece)
Serving bowl, 25x12 cm, ↑10 cm, unique 10, BSN 8340


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(Base price  28,70  €  / piece)
Serving bowl, 25x12 cm, 10 cm high, unique 18, BSN 8337


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(Base price  52,88  €  / piece)