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The beautiful Bunzlau ceramic tableware umbrella stand has a height of 38 cm - beautiful and practical. The umbrella stand was decorated in loving handwork by the Pottery Ceramika Artystysczna from Bunzlau - with brush, sponge and stamp. For centuries, the ceramics from Bunzlau have been produced in this traditional way.

Take a look at the other categories, the Polish Pottery range is barely tangible - bowls, cups, bread bowls (in various sizes), cheese bell, flower pot, cupboard knobs, baking pans, espresso cups, plate service, crockery sets and ...

And even the umbrella stand, like all Bunzlau items, is suitable for the dishwasher, the oven and the microwave.

Umbrella stand, 38 cm high, unique 18 -  BSN 21063


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