Bowl, 34 cm long

The 34 cm long and 7 cm wide shapely appetizer dish of the Ceramika Artystyczna Bunzlau pottery is a view on every buffet or on the dinner table. The traditionally hand-crafted dish brings out your delicious antipasti to the full. The pottery 1 still manufactures the many Bunzlau designs by hand with brushes, sponges and stamps. Where is there still something to buy today? With us - and not just these starter dishes in various patterns, no countless other Polish Pottery products. Feel free to browse through our categories - we are delighted to be able to enchant you with the many articles. Bunzlau ceramics in shape - bread pot in many sizes, cabinet buttons, plate service, jewelery, dishes sets, espresso cups or wonderful plates to complement your buffet.

For the microwave, the dishwasher and the oven, the ceramics tableware from Bunzlau is also suitable.