Bowl, 18x18 cm, height 5.5 cm, vol. 0.65 l

Bunzlau ceramic bowls are infinitely many. These ceramic dishes are particularly versatile - for olives, starters, or as a muesli and vegetable dish. The shape gives the cups something special and makes them extraordinary - the modern shape is combined with the traditional patterns. You can find these bowls in our online shop under in a rich selection of diverse Bunzlau decors.

Likewise, you will find a huge selection of other tableware products - sour cream jug, terrine, cookie jar, punch pot, Bread pot, coffee cups, teapots, services, cabinet knobs and tableware sets to small but unique piece of jewelry.

Just have your pleasure in the beautiful, handy Bunzlau dishes! All the dishes are decorated in elaborate handwork by the pottery Ceramika Artystyczna from the city of Bunzlau.

The products from Bolesław are of course suitable for the oven, the microwave and the dishwasher.